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The original feeling of the place
It was not out of chance that the Swiss Painter Constantin Polastri chose Sanremo. The Riviera and Côte d’Azur with its famous southern light, which inspired the Impressionists, was where Constantin decided to tap into his Italian roots. In 1972, he bought a simple country house and slowly made a turn-of-the-century Villa out of it. The Villa became what it is today thanks to the craftsmanship, handiwork and help of family and friends, who followed his vision and donated their time in exchange for a sojourn at the house or painting lessons.
In the light of Constantin Polastri’s upbringing and creative dreams, the Villa d’Artisti is a clear message. He created a space for artists as well as a refuge that welcomes all to discover the peace of its world – a magical microcosmos where one is immersed in tranquility and regeneration.

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Two Generations

My father unknowingly passed his world down to me.
We lived in a sort of reverie of ancient times and their own language. He was old-fashioned in the true sense of the word, an admirer of the nineteen-tens. Come summer, we would listen to 78” by Josephine Baker or Caruso on an ancient Victor gramophone under the sycamore tree. On Sundays we'd go to stone quarries, or shoot Polaroids wearing clothes from the 1910s while wielding umbrellas. Come the first snowfall, we’d get our wooden skis, play with antique model railroads set up on the floor or endlessly watch 9.5 mm films on a Pathé Baby projector.
While studying at art school and working as a graphic designer, I regularly came to Villa d’Artisti in the winter.
We spent our days drawing, painting, cooking, doing repairs, studying art books. In a February weekday afternoon, we would enjoy a bottle of wine and nibble olives with artist friends, chatting away about ideas while taking in the golden sunlight and started painting at around 3pm.
But my connection to this place was established much earlier. I was only two weeks old when my mother brought me down here for the first time because of a wall needing fixes. At the time, she worked at the Marlborough Gallery in Zurich to support the family. She also taught painting to children and organized art shows for my father. Sanremo remained the only place where we spent our holidays. Only my father never took one. And in fact, as soon as my brother and I could hold a paintbrush, we joined the renovating team.
When my father passed away in 2009, I took upon myself the big challenge of the Villa d’Artisti’s care. Many renovations later, in 2017, after living in the music and motorcity Detroit, the path of Music and Zen Meditation, led me to settle down in Sanremo. I love how this place still takes me back in time to discover secret places just as we used to as children: the fragrance of Mimosas in early spring or the earthy smoke of burning olive wood in the sea breeze while squawking seagulls fly low in the valley, or a crackling vinyl record while the scent of a steaming Minestrone comes from the stove.

I am working as a Yoga- and Qi-Gong Teacher and cooking for my international guests. I am a diplomate Graphics Designer and like to do Illustrations and dedicate much time as possible in the garden.

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