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In the past ten years, climate change has heavily impacted this region as it has many other areas the world over, therefore a good harvest is no longer granted as it used to be. “Zero-Km” is a new term for an old culinary tradition. People are increasingly aware of the importance of this approach, as much to preserve the Ligurian tradition of the “Cucina Povera” as to reconnect with nature and only use what she offers.
In 2018, we created an organic garden on an adjacent piece of land, where we are now growing vegetables and medicinal herbs in synergy with local trees and shrubs.
On your own terrace you may enjoy an Aperitif or a menu custom-prepared to your desires with seasonal, local products and wild harvested herbs and flowers. Even our focaccia and pasta are homemade and seasoned with our local Taggiasca Olive Oil.

Would you like to bring home a few gifts? Ask for "Artemis", the house brand of homemade marmelades, syrup, liquors, herbal teas, oils or creams, olives in saltbrine and exquisite oliveoil of the farm
"Au cantu de Foa"


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